Wedding Officiant, Dr. Bruce Stephen Holms is an Ordained Minister by the Universal Life Church of Modesto, CA since 1992.

He has performed many Nondenomenational Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies and Civil Unions in Southern California. He performs acts of marriage or civil unions with his main responsibility to receive and witness the consent of the intended spouses, to ensure the legal formalities, and hence the validity of the marriage or civil union, observed.

Officiants differ from Chaplains in that Officiants serve the unaffiliated public at large, while Chaplains are usually employed by an institution such as the military, a hospital or other health care facility, etc.

Many couples are considering this more accepted way to complete their union as an alternative to traditional church led ceremonies which may include religious doctrine as the basis of the ceremony.

Bruce's main objective as your Officiant is to allow you and your partner to create a ceremony that best fits your beliefs and lifestyle.

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